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“There is…no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza”…or chips! Let's Create Ripples Together

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“There is…no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza”…or chips!


How smart can this fictional gal be? Funny how the same show I watched as a teenage girl somehow seems to be a completely different show now, as an adult watching. As a teenager, I completely related to Daria, this fictional character that was, to younger me, simply the representation of teenage problems; being an outcast, being moody, being confused about people and the entire world. And for some of us, being super introverted and monotone. Then as an adult, Daria once more enlightened me with her wit and wisdom.

Let’s have a look at her graduation speech today. It embodies so much more wisdom within this one short speech than I had thought when I was younger. You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, in this case a few words are worth a million words, painting the ultimate picture of all our lives in modern society. Completely relevant and timeless. Also bringing hope and humour back to juxtapose against all the confusions of the world.

Let’s face it, the world is one flippin’ confusing place. For anyone like me, who are feeling even more confused despite all the information and knowledge we are able to obtain with the help of globalism and modern technology, don’t fret! Daria will not take away your confusion, but she will be the pizza to your problems! If only I had fully understood her speech when I was younger, then it would have helped growing up that little bit less icky.



You see, when I was a teen, I used to weigh my own shoulders down with all the issues of the world; poverty, human complexes, wars. etc… The older I got, the heavier they felt. Why? The internet! Oh, and politics. We live an era of free, unlimited googling, youtubing, facebooking and we are bombarded with too much information, even when we don’t go looking for them. Full of false information and don’t forget propaganda and brainwashing. Brainwashing? I’m talking about the TV, of course! And then there are alternative facts vs. facts. False statistics vs. statistics. Can the world be more confusing and misleading? As much as we have reaped the benefits of globalism and modern technology, it has also brought a huge amount of confusion. The world is still a place of mistrust.

You’d think the more access to information and the more freedom of speech, the less confused we’d be. Yet the world is still the same confusing bag of contradictions. Just a bigger bag. It wouldn’t be so confusing if the people in it remain consistently honest and people who express their opinions have done extensive research to back them up. Much too often, we speak and form opinions without having done extensive research beforehand. In our personal lives, when a friend comes to us with a problem, don’t we have to ask questions and find out more instead of blindly agreeing to avoid giving the wrong advice? Although she is being honest, but nonetheless, it’s only one honest viewpoint of one angle.

We wouldn’t be so confused if we didn’t abuse the freedom of speech. Yes we can express our opinions and voice our beliefs, but it seems that we’ve lost the grace to think before we speak. Let’s not allow practically anything to come out of our mouths. Let’s try to form informed, thoughtful opinions. Let’s remember the difference between insensitive honesty and respectful honesty. Just because there is freedom of speech, is it OK to cyberbully? To promote hateful speech? To cowardly hide behind a screen and corner someone who we’ve dehumanized because we are looking at a screen and they cannot confront us face to face?



You’d think the more access to information, the less confused we’d be. But really, we’re more confused, with plenty of articles forming opinions with “alternative facts” and figures. You’d think the more global we’ve become, the less confused we’d be. Yet, it’s still the same world with propagandas and excessive promotion of consumerism at a larger scale. Statistics used to be the thing I thought I could trust. Yet these days, even statistics can’t be trusted. So if, on one hand, there are people telling you that refugees increase crime and on the other hand, there are those who challenge this information, then of course we feel like we can’t trust anything anymore. Who do we turn to, then, for truth?



So with all of these going on, I am still a confused girl, if not more! However, as a person in my thirties, I no longer feel the weight of world issues on my shoulders anymore. I tell you why. This year, 2017, I have come to accept a few things. I’ve stopped fighting and have learned to accept. For one, I’ve accepted that the world has always been and will always will be a messy place and it’s something I cannot change nor control. Secondly, I’ve realised that all I need to know is that as long as I stand firm for what I believe in, then my world, at least, will be OK. The world is never OK, but our beliefs will always be that constant and non-confusing thing in our lives. So no worries if you don’t know whether you should trust the government, no worries if your fellow humans treat you unfairly, no worries if society lets you down, no worries if you’re bombarded with conspiracy theories! ‘Cause the one thing you have control over is what you believe in. And I don’t believe in unkindness nor conformity!

So I can continue to live my life with no heaviness on my shoulders because I know I can choose to do everything I can to be the kind of person I aspire to be. Right now, I aspire to be a Daria and a Jane lol. I will always make mistakes, but it’s OK as long as I give life my best. My best is all that I can give, what more can I give than that? So let’s try to not control things we can’t control and continue to march along to the beat of our own drums as best we can. Just like Daria and her best friend, Jane! And remember, there’s nothing pizza can’t improve. Actually in my case, chips. And plantain. And cheesecake. And tom yum soup. Hmmm, Lola’s blueberry cupcakes. Ok, I should stop now.



Helloo...Earth to Tammi!


“When life hands you lemons…
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